FAQ / Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be an experienced swimmer ?

No, you can swim in water that you can stand in, and you can also wear a life jacket. We give one to everyone on board if they need it or feel more comfortable with it. Licended tourguides are also with you in the water.

I have never snorkeled before, is that a problem ?

No, Steve will explain to you in detail how to use the mask, snorkel and fins. Licenced tourguide is with you in the water to help you whenever needed. What also help is the fact that the snorkeling on the first two stops is done right around the boat, so this give you enough time to get used to the equipment and to get more comfortable.

There are so many snorkeling trips available.  How should I choose one over the other ?

The owner, Steve Wright is an expert swimmer and sailor with a big sailboat that easily takes the rhythm of the water.  Even inexperienced sailors will be comfortable on this cruise.  A native of Belize, Steve knows all the best snorkeling spots and he is happy to be your guide.  In one day, you will visit several places.  His prices are also most reasonable and he treats all of his customers with warm hospitality, serving you homemade lunch, refreshments and beverages.  Going with Steve is like going with your old friend.  He is proud to show you his beautiful country and be the one to help you discover the wonders of the Barrier Reef.  He is not working to get the most from the tourists.  Quite the contrary, he is working to give the most.

Do I have to bring something special on board ?

Except sunscreen lotion, t-shirt, towel and underwater camera, everything is included (mask, fins, snorkel). If you have your own equipment, feel free to use it.

Why choosing a sailboat more than a motor-boat ?

For sure for the atmosphere, the comfort and also because the ride is much softer. There is no motor noise with a sailboat, you can lay down, relax and fully enjoy your trip. On the sailing boat you can enjoy seviche, rum punch and music, plus most of the sailing boats are accommodated with a toilet.

Sailing boat is also a better choice for people who cannot be exposed to sun too much, because it is possible to find a shade on the boat.

How many persons are allowed on the sailboat ?

The licence of the sailboat is for 25 persons but usually, we go out with group between 8 and 15 persons.

Can I go on the snorkeling trip with small children ?

Yes, ofcourse you can. The boat is equiped with life vest for children and Steve is a licenced trouguide and captain.

8 thoughts on “FAQ / Frequently asked questions

  1. Hello. How much is the 3 day/2 night sailing trip? What is the minimum amount of people you need to go?


  2. Hi Steve,

    Do you have tours available from Placencia? I am looking for a sailing / snorkel day trip or two or three during our week stay. If you don’t pick up in Placencia, is there someone you recommend there?

    Best wishes,

  3. Hi!
    Heading to Caye Caulker in a couple weeks with three girlfriends. We want to get signed up for your sunset cruise!
    Can we set that up before we get there?


    1. Hallo Marie, the overnight trips depart only when we get the necessary amount of people, which is 8. Best regards Blackhawk

  4. Hey my buddy and I are coming to Caye caulker this week and we wanted to know how frequent are your tours and how much does it cost?

    1. Hey Jack.

      our tours run basically every day as long as we get at least 4 people. When you get to Caye Caulker, stop by our office (corner of Crocodile street and Front Street right next to the Real Macaw hotel) and we can discuss the possibilities.

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